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Jean & Otto Funderburk

Jean & Otto Funderburk

Jean and Otto Funderburk first downsized 10 years ago and enjoyed their time living in Lake Wylie. However, their three children are spread out in very different parts of the country and began to have concerns about what their parents would do in the future. “They wanted us to have a plan because we lean on each other so much. And at our age we know that anything can happen at any time, so it helps to know that we’ll be settled here if something changes with either one of us,” Jean explained.

They’ve stayed active through the community’s exercise classes and Otto goes golfing with friends a couple of times per week. “We like the activities that are being offered to try to keep you healthy. We do all sorts of stretching, use weights and different equipment, and a lot of yoga. You really build your heart rate up in a hurry and I’ve honestly felt great ever since moving here,” Otto said.

The timing was right for them to make this transition and they’ve already become close with other bridge players at the community. “We both felt very strongly that if we moved to a community, we wanted to do so when we were still able to participate in everything and take advantage of the opportunities being offered,” Jean said. “And it’s very nice not having to cook and clean.”

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