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Kay Sowards

After the loss of her beloved husband of 61 years, West Virginia native Kay Sowards realized she would benefit from moving closer to her adult children in South Carolina. She was instantly at ease at Highpoint in her spacious new apartment and was even able to bring much of her furniture when she moved. “It was a little bit concerning going from a large home to an apartment, but I am so pleased with the size of the rooms here and the closet space is great.”

Without the inconvenience of home maintenance and upkeep, Kay has been able to focus on staying active, spending time with family and developing new friendships while living at Highpoint. “I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. I’m amazed at everything that’s offered here and everything they do for us.”

Kay Sowards lived in her home for more than 40 years and built a lot of memories inside its walls. When her husband Harry’s health declined, she naturally took on the role as caretaker and the two remained closely bonded until his death three years ago. As time passed after losing Harry, she decided to begin a new chapter in her life, moving to South Carolina to be closer to their adult children and leaving behind the worry and upkeep of their large house. Kay understood she would need to downsize into an apartment at Highpoint at Fort Mill but was pleasantly surprised by how well her belongings fit into her new space. “I was able to bring all of my living room furniture and both bedroom sets – plus, the storage and closets are wonderful.”

As an avid tennis player for most of her life, Kay has always been active and enjoys all of the opportunities for physical fitness at Highpoint. From yoga to strength training classes, she feels the community has something to offer for everyone. “The exercises are geared toward us as seniors and I appreciate that – and they still push us a little bit.”

She has never considered herself to be crafty but has discovered newfound creativity while trying new projects in the art studio. But perhaps her favorite part of living at Highpoint has been gathering with new friends at mealtime, where she’s met people from all different backgrounds and found great conversations and common interests. And being closer to her family is the cherry on top. “I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. I’m amazed at everything that’s offered here and everything they do for us.”

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